Vission Mission

Vision :-

The institution is the treatise covering the every possible aspect and attempt of surfacing the unexplored skills,knowledge and passion of the young women.Our vision frames not only about imparting the value-based education to the girls, but also enriching their today and tomorrow, by mounding them into more independent, secured and responsible citizens. We also visualize today's young women to illuminate every path they tread on and reach their desired heights and destinations.

Mission : -

  • Efforts to provide a platform for the girls to groom up their abilities and talents.
  • To prepare the girls to face the various challenges in life, through training in Karate, Judo etc.
  • Organization of Entrepreneurship programmers to give independent and financial standing to the girls.
  • To coach the students for entry into services exams.
  • To groom the overall personality of the girls.
  • Attempts to expertise the students in communication skills.
  • Motivation through library facilities.
  • Inculcating the best of moral and spiritual values.
  • To provide the best of education through the latest technologies and teachers who keep on updating themselves thought seminars and workshops.